Major features:

  • 1. Student activities
  • 2. Student organizations
  • 3. Programming
  • 4. Events
  • 5. Fitness intramural sports
  • 6. Reaction
  • 7. Fun
  • 8. Club management
  • 9. Creating student guidelines
  • 10. Online notice
  • 11. Scheduling events
  • 12. Student meetings
  • 13. Social events
  • 14. Program development
  • 15. Program evaluation
  • 16. Coordinating – facilities and equipment
  • 17. Ensuring standards
  • 18. Supervising
  • 19. Report generation

Managed Activities and Events

Student Activities & Event Management Software is an convenient and flawless instrument for a school, college or institute. It assists to establish & arrange events at a massive scale (Sports day or Annual Function, etc.) as well as other minor scale (dance competition, painting competition, etc.).

Collective Exhibitions

Intslate module named Event/ Activities Management, which is very versatile and it is largely supportive for any school, college or institution. All the activities like school events, competitions, performances can be handled easily and meticulously delivering different functionalities like event creation,request consent, quick nullification and announcement process.

Event Management

Event management module single platform for all the upcoming events. With this module, the school can send a message or email to parents informing them about the events and that results Event management works in a systematic way. The entire process becomes hassle-free, which further helps the management team.

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