Need of School Administration Module

School Administration management allows you carry out all the administrative tasks which consumes a lot of time and requires much attention and efforts, easily and effortlessly. It saves a lot of time and human resource by managing many of the things that your school carries out on a daily basis.

Services Offered:

  • You can manage the admissions of students very easily and effortlessly without any paperwork.
  • Manage the complete details of the student and staff of the school using a centralized system.
  • Manage the online notice board of the school.
  • Allocate roll no. to students of all the class with one click.
  • Generate ID – Card of all the students and staffs of the school.
  • Manage the transportation system of your school and other information related to transportation.
  • Manage the details of upcoming activities/events of the school and publish them on the school academic calendar.
  • Generate certificates for student and staff effortlessly.

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