Advantages of The Admission Module

  • Providing you the robust and easy to use method to make one place for all your document without any hassle to find out which data is kept where.
  • With Intslate's admission module you can bring out all the history of the sold out prospectus and forms with how many student appeared in entrance test and what were their results.
  • To get the no. of students enrolled and how much they scored is in your single touch and can be accessible in any of the digital device as per your wish.
  • The present status of a child and also his/her promotion to the next standard can be regulated with the help of Intslate.
  • Intslate provides you the single place to collect all the details of all the students enrolled and also to fetch out the details of the students who were once a part of your school.
  • We have provided specific space for the active and deactivated students to make it more simple to handle.

Features of Intslate

  • In addition with the basic features which is provided in the school management software, Intslate makes a better way of understanding through clean and manageable dashboard.
  • From the selling of admission forms to the total admission procedure, Intslate provides access to have all the documents ready for use and update in anytime and from anywhere.
  • The security level of your school details is kept with you to ensure the privacy.
  • Intslate ensures no loss of data at any cost.
  • Authentication of each and every student is done and all the updates required is shown in the dashboard.
  • Any time update of student is commensible in order to get the correct information of each and every student.

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