What are Assets:

The assets of the campus include different items such as computer, computer, lab equipments, and books, furnitures, sporting items, crafts, instruments, etc. It monitors the things that are transferred between different departments of the campus.


  • Item entry – barcode
  • Vendor management
  • Supervision
  • Department setting
  • Permission setting
  • Controlling damage
  • Tracking items dispatched
  • Repair/service/return details
  • Sales tax and value added tax – Calculating and assigning
  • Monitoring quotations
  • Purchase orders issue
  • Handling receipt
  • Stock ledgers controlling
  • Sales management
  • Sales report generation
  • Monitoring items
  • Keeping a record of items
  • Item wise and batch wise report
  • Secure login
  • Easy transfer between departments
  • Reports availability
  • Reports availability

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