Think Seamless Integration, Think Intslate’s Attendance Management Software!

Intslate has brought an extremely easy and precise method to build a hassle-free environment in your school’s campus with systematic management of daily and compiled attendance.

With the help of Intslate’s Attendance Management Software, you can keep the track of employee’s as well as student’s attendance.

  • You can update the employee’s daily status on a single go. Whether the employee belongs to the permanent or temporary sector, you can view all these on a single page, followed by their department, name, email, and other necessary details that you would need for the overall attendance management.

  • The same is the case with the student’s attendance information. You can view the list of students as per their attendance status without any folly on a single screen with no handy paperwork.

  • Through the biometric/RFID/manual attendance system, the attendance of each teacher/employee will be automatically updated in the list. The punch time of each employee will also be mentioned besides their name through which you can manage the list of on-time and late coming employees. Apart from a single attendance list, you can also view the bulk attendance of any employee anytime you wish to because the attendance automatically gets recorded through Attendance Management Software.

  • Through the attendance system, the students can mark their entry in school. In the student’s attendance list, you can keep the record of daily attendance of students classwise and section-wise along with their name and punch time. This will help you keep the data of students who are present, late or absent. You can view the attendance record of any day, any month, or any class through a single easy click.

The Attendance Management Software of Intslate also builds automatic data of in-time statistics, absentees, etc. Attendance Management Software has brought a new way of advancement through which you don’t need any paper or pen to marks daily attendance, nor you will have to search for files in your cupboard by wasting plenty of time and energy that turns out to vain. Through Intslate, you can easily handle every stuff through a single click. Now, all you need to do is adopt Intslate’s Attendance Management Software to set your school carefree from these traditional styles and disruption.

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