Features of Koha with Intslate

Intslate is a School Enterprise Resource Planning Platform providing services on Koha Software for an easy and systematic Library Management System. Intslate has aimed to provide a broad and comprehensive library automation system with Koha.

  • 1. Independency with Safety -
  • Providing all in one service of library management software, Intslate gives surety of full-fledged security of the library sourcing Koha which works with RFID integration. This library management system works as an independent server that requires no manpower for which you can completely rely on it with 100% trust.

  • 2. Patron Management -
  • The tool of Patron Management allows you to create, update, and remove patrons in your library collection. Through Koha Software, Intslate gives you the privilege to create and maintain the patron records with no complications. Here you can import, export, modify, or remove patrons as per your wish in an easy click. The database stays safe in the module.

  • 3. Acquisition and Circulation –
  • As Koha Software requires only a web browser to implement its services for you, the acquisition and circulation module is its best service that works as the boon for libraries. Through the simple acquisition, you can add materials directly to the catalog without any inconvenience. However, in the full acquisition, you get the advantage of managing supplies, book funds as well as the budget. Through the Koha Circulation Module Intslate helps users to borrow a book as per the category. Borrowing and returning of items then becomes precise because all it requires is just scanning a barcode and no heavy paperwork and manpower.

  • 4. Listing and Cataloguing –
  • To ensure the rapid implementation of data, it provides fast listing and cataloging. You can import and export records quicker than usual that saves an institution’s time as well as energy. This cost effective Library System by Intslate even helps you view the cataloging in a simplified form. It also ensures the option of advanced searching that can be done on any MARC field.

Through the ILS provision, Intslate even helps you manage the charges, fines, fees, etc . applied to users. All the complex to intricate management of the library system can now be done coherently in a juxtaposition form.

Hitherto, Intslate has implemented the same system through its Library Management System in many schools in Jharkhand including government institutions like Government Polytechnic Koderma and GP Ranchi.

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