Intslate – The School Management Software in Ranchi

Whenever a school considers focusing more on its students than the paperwork of the administration, it lacks behind due to manpower. A school comprises a number of students with 10% of teachers and staff of the total student population. In such a chaotic scenario, it is almost impossible to manage the system systematically by just papers and manpower.

Therefore, bringing you the perk of Digital India- Intslate, being the Best School Management Software as stated by the schools of Ranchi, Koderma, etc. to whom Intslate has transformed into a hassle-free platform; has brought out its refined modules to execute the system of your institution in a juxtaposition way!

  • 1. Class-wise examination scheme. This include subjects offered, maximum marks, passing marks
  • 2. Passing criteria
  • 3. Grace rules
  • 4. Ordinance

Modules of Intslate- The School Management Software:

School Management Platform provides an online shift of the administrative and managerial system by building a website and an app for the particular institution which requires less manpower to manage the daily tasks.

The modules are offered to do more work in less time without causing any kind of inconvenience to your system. Additionally, managing all aspects of school through School Management Software helps you pay more attention to the academics of the students. Those modules inculcate of :

  • 1. Online Registration and Admission
  • 2. Student and Teachers Information System
  • 3. Fees Management
  • 4. Online Examination
  • 5. Online Result Management
  • 6. Library Management
  • 7. School Communication System ( Online display of circulars, notices, etc.)
  • 8. Academic Management of Homework, Classwork, and Assignments
  • 9. Administration Management of Accounts, Vendors, Assets, Stocks, Front Office, Transport and Inventories.
  • 10. School ERP App
  • 11. Google Cloud Storage Service with Safety and Security.
  • 12. GPS Tracking System
  • 13. Student’s Performance Analytics System

These modules are updated through portals. Therefore, Intslate provides different portals to the admins, teachers, and parents with required access of data to each. The accessibility of data and documentation is given as per admin’s wish where the teacher’s portal is given to upload the assignments, lessons, updates attendance, etc., the parent’s portal to track the activity of the school and their children’s performance, along with GPS tracking of their kid’s transport, etc. Overall access of each data and portal is given to admin who can run each system anywhere and anytime as per his wish.

The ensure the security of data, Intslate also provides google-cloud security through which you can protect your private data from external parties. At the same time, you can view and update extra information in that cloud by even sitting back at home.

Switch to Smart School, Switch to Intslate !

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