Save Time And Build Biometric Attendance System For Your School With Intslate

Intslate’s Biometric Attendance System builds an auto-generative attendance management system for the schools through which the system gets relaxed from complex and bulk Attendance Management that required manpower, time, and energy. Through the inheritance of the Biometric Attendance Management System, the schools get the time to work on the academic program of the students than on the heavy paperwork of Attendance Management.

The Biometric Attendance marks the entry and exit of each employee and student. The data of the attendance automatically gets generated in the school’s system which portrays the arrival of entry and departure of each individual on the campus. The record is maintained on a regular basis along with the time of students and teachers when they enter the school premises, and the same is marked once they leave the campus.

Also, it helps the schools to keep the data of latecomers, the pupils, and employees that are on-time, present, and absent. Nonetheless, to mark the safety of students and keep their parents updated on their kid’s attendance, the biometric attendance system is first linked with the mobile number of every individual. Thus, once a particular student, teacher, or any employee enters late or takes leave, an SMS automatically is sent to their mobile device through which the number is linked. In the message, the parents or employees are informed about their late arrival or of being absent on a working day.

Apart from these, through this system, the schools get the chance to boost their work efficiency as the system gets converted to the advanced platform. It also facilitates the payroll activities of schools. Through just a single click the data analytics of attendance, holidays, leave portals as well as class and section-wise record can be viewed and generated with full-fledged security policy.

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