How Integrating RFID With Koha Library Management Software Works As An Add-On Benefit?

RFID exhibits the system of scanning of i-cards and books through which the data entry is done on a digital device. Once an individual comes to issue a book, the librarian can scan the i-card for which he won't have to manually enter his details. The same is to be followed to can a book before lending it to an individual from a library. This creates a record indicating the issuing of books and that record gets stored in the library’s Desktop. While when one comes to return the book, the librarian will just have to scan the book which will automatically deploy the record of the book being returned on time, or with delay in time.

Intslate has brought this system basically to provide more comfort and facilitate the library management with no heavy loads of paperwork and minimal requirement of manpower to ultimately boost the working of the library by also helping them grab the taste and trend of the latest technologies.

It thus increases the working efficiency of any library system by percolating the different segments of a library. From cataloging to putting books according to their tier, this system provides the implementation of each genre of books in an easy go.

Apart from these, the best benefit that the libraries of any institution can acquire is security with safety. The RFID implementation with Koha Software that Intslate provides as its services ensures that the schools or libraries of any zone can be stress-free as it accumulates the theft-free zone. An alarm is generated on its own when any dispute or unnecessary movement is noted in the library.

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