Paperless Documentation

This modern era has transformed into digital land where the use of paperworks are getting dimnished day by day. With the call of digitization, Intslate allows you to stay free from paperworks following th documentaion to be assembled through the online medium.
The document management system helps to keep record and track of all the data and documents of the school system with acess to store,modify, change and generate the documents anytime and anywhere on a single go. Intslate as a School ERP keep them safe and secured with no fear of losing the e-documents at any cost.


  • Technology usage lets you lead the field.
  • Easily understandable and easy to use nad make, as it is more reliable in the field.
  • Makes your presence in the carried devices of the members.
  • Get connected to every member every time. All your information gets presented on a single tip.

Switch to Smart School, Switch to Intslate !

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