Some of the important points for this module are

  • 1. This module has the ability to track visitor’s details with the purpose of their visit along with visiting time and date.
  • 2. This module plays a vital role in tracking the details of courier received or sends.
  • 3. Helps to maintain records for essential reports like appointment details of how many people have got the appointment, their information, etc.
  • 4. Enquiry details like its purpose, follow-ups, etc. all the records are maintained by front office executive.
  • 5. Only this desk can generate the gate-pass to early leaving students.
  • 6. Monitors number of visitors and provides them full assistance.
  • 7. Keeps the record for receiving and dispatching the couriers or mail.
  • 8. Scheduling for all the upcoming events/ or activities.
  • 9. Generation of certificates/ letters.
  • 10. Better communication among all the departments.

Front Office Management module of IntSlate

  • 1. This module helps in maintaining records for all the incoming and outgoing calls with their full details.
  • 2. This is the smart way to keep a record for the courier.
  • 3. Scheduling and setting of reminders of tasks to help the school.
  • 4. With Intslate, you can easily issue gate pass to the students with date and time mentioned along with the reason.
  • 5. Maintaining a record for all the visitors who have step-into the school for either inquiry purpose, meeting with principal or school staff.

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