Intslate: The GPS Enabled Software

The major concern of every guardian, teacher, and parent for their kids is their safety with tight security.

Intslate the Leading GPS Enabled Software is meant especially to mark the safety guidelines of the school towards their students. With the installation of Intslate’s GPS Enabled Software the schools can see the live location of their bus transport through which the teachers and students travel.

The app and website that the Intslate builts for the schools to create a paperless campus and ease the workload for the schools can itself be used to track the bus location.

The teachers along with the parents can track the location of the school’s bus transport through the GPS system available in their school’s portal.

At times parents wait for long in the stoppage for the school bus or van to arrive. Additionally, they also wait for their kid during departure time. When the bus gets late, it causes a fret to them but through Intslate’s GPS enabled Software they can sit back relaxed at their home without stress and tension for their kid’s safety or can work in their office with no disruption for their kid’s worries as they can easily see the live status of their kid’s bus.

On an easy go in through the parent’s portal of school, the parents can log in through handy mobile app or websites as per their convenience to check the status. This also enhances the safety guidelines of the school.

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