GPS Tracking Service of Intslate

Intslate , along with its best service of School Management System, offers the GPS Tracking module to schools. This tool helps parents to track the bus transport of their kid while traveling from school to home and vice versa. This system marks the safety of students as well as the transport system.

Additionally, it prevents the parents and their kids from waiting for long on the bus stoppage because, at times, the buses get stucked in the traffic or faces glitches for which it arrives late. The parents can even track their children’s transport while they depart from school.

This GPS tracking can be done easily in a single click from the Intslate’s tool that it offers as a School Management Software.

From the parent's portal, the parents can click on the GPS Tracking button easily from their mobile and can track the school’s transport vehicle of their kid from which they travel. The parents can log in to the school’s portal from the web or even from the handy mobile application.

The same can be followed by the individual of the school who wishes to track the transport system of their school.

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