Intslate, the School Management Software has added a smart solution to its services by building Mobile apps for educational institutions through which the schools can keep handy information of all the assets and the administrative system. At the same time, the apps help the teachers to connect to the parents of their students and vice versa.

The Mobile Application offered to schools is available for all the android, IOS and Windows apps which can be easily accessible to the parents, teachers and the employees of the school.

The mobile apps will help the teachers update the regular activities and events which are being performed inside the campus. However, each teacher will be assigned a particular portal for the subjects and the class which is under their reign while the others will be assigned according to their subjects and classes that they take. In the portal of mobile apps, they can easily update the assignment, projects, activities, attendance, classwork, and homework of students of their zone which will not be visible to the teachers of other classes.

In the same way, the students of the particular teacher can view the assigned tasks by their subject teachers and not the others to avoid any kind of fuss.

The mobile app of school will also be provided to the parents through which they can track the regular events and schedule of the school, attendance record, GPS tracking of the school bus, performance analytic of their kids and their progress report. Also, through this app parents can sumbit the fees of their children by even sitting back at home through easy steps

Above all, the sets of each data and information that the apps comprise in each portal will be in the hands of the admin who can run it as per his wish.

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