Need of Performance Analytics:

The traditional report cards generally contains numbers, grades and rankings represented in the form of table. When someone such as less informed parent/guardian by just looking at the progress report can generally summaries the grades and make a decision as whether their child is doing well or not. But do they really get to know, how the child /student is performing in each of the subject, which subjects need more focus and how the student is doing compared to his class or the standard, even for the teachers, it would take tremendous effort and data, you need this information at every test and exam. And how quickly you can get this information through Intslate.

Benefits you get:

In IntSlate we have come up with the student’s performance visualization module and dashboard, which would enable teachers, parents and the students to visualize their performance in a graphical way, within few seconds to know how the students are performing overall, across all the tests and exams, subject wise and in comparison to other students as well.

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