Underneath said is a flowchart, which covers whole process for Registration and Admission Module

  • You can store all the confirmation request at one place
  • Deal with the affirmation requests according to the need and monitor them.
  • Import/Export the reports.
  • Know the status of the request and furthermore change them according to the request that ends up as positive or negative.
  • In order to deal with the requests to know the process and productivity of the management, it stands out with the best ever module to manage the situation hasselfree and smooth with all the conversation in a very handy way.


  • Technology usage lets you lead the field.
  • Easily understandable and easy to use nad make, as it is more reliable in the field.
  • Makes your presence in the carried devices of the members.
  • Get connected to every member every time. All your information gets presented on a single tip.

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