RFID Attendance System To Mark Security And Integrity

RFID Attendance System or Radio Frequency Identification System is the advanced technology that marks regular attendance and monitors the presence of each individual in the institution with wireless communication. Through this smart attendance system, schools can keep track of each student and employee before entering the campus and after leaving the campus without actually getting involved in it.

Through this system, students and teachers can mark their own entry and departure from the school. For this, all they need to do is just place their i-cards on the device available in the school while they arrive in the morning time, and the same is to be followed while they leave the school campus at noon or evening. The data of attendance automatically gets uploaded in the school’s administrative computer system once an individual shakes his/her card in a single device placed in the school before entering and leaving the campus. The attendance record of students, employees, teachers, and staff gets automatically gets uploaded along with their entry and departure time, which helps the school maintain the data analytics of ones who are on time and the one who marks their late entry to school.

Also, if an individual is absent or comes late to school, the system automatically sends an SMS to the mobile number of those individuals with the same information that they are late. Apparently, it gives surety to the parents of students that their kid is safe in school and is present from the school’s end.

As, according to a survey, around 100000 students go missing per year. Therefore, this RFID Attendance System of Intslate marks the mandatory role in saving the kid. For example, if a student steps from his home to reach school but doesn’t arrive on the campus, then an SMS will automatically be generated to their parent’s number once the school’s routine is started stating that their kid is late, haven’t arrived or is absent. This RFID Attendance System not only keeps the parents free from fear but also helps the schools to keep a regular record of each student and employee, department wise, class-wise as well as section-wise. Altogether, the RFID Attendance System of Intslate has brought ease and relief to the complicated and bulk attendance management of schools.

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