School Software usually offers the listed modules:

With the help of the Best School ERP, you can run your school/college without any inconvenience and load because Intslate has brought a total solution through which you can manage the administrative system of your school through the listed modules any time and anywhere with flexibility and authenticity.

  • Online Circular
  • HR and Payroll System
  • Direct and processed Admission
  • Attendance
  • Fees and accounts
  • Time table and notice
  • Examination and result details
  • Stock and Inventory
  • Assignments and projects
  • Lesson plan
  • Student activity
  • Audit trail
  • Data of Lost and found equipment
  • Library
  • Communication and feedback

Intslate helps to run your school efficiently, you get an extra benefit from its services. Intslate also offers the service of Student’s Performance Analytics that helps the teacher keep a record of students progress and mentor them accordingly. Additionally, you also get a benefit of the GPS tracking system of school transport for the benefit of parents and guardians who wait for long at the bus stoppage for their children.

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