What is School ERP Software?

A School ERP Software, commonly known as School Enterprise Planning Software is an exclusive tool that deploys schools into an online platform by making it a paperless campus. At the same time, it runs the whole administrative system of the organization into the online dashboard where you can manage the daily tasks on your fingertips. In other words, it provides e-hub for your school where you can organize your academics, data, sets of information, and other managerial activities by keeping the storage of those sets in the cloud.

Services of Intslate( A School ERP Software) for Your School?

A School ERP Software helps you connect to all the ends of the administrative system through a single easy click. It helps you analyze your system and gain data of years anytime and anywhere you wish to as all pieces of information are placed at the same dashboard for easy accessibility.

Intslate is that School ERP Software that not only eases the manual processes and paperwork of your institution but also additionally provides a better service that helps in improving the academics of your students. Before getting into that exclusive tool, first, have a look at the primary services of Intslate.

  • 1. Student Admission Management – This helps in the quick online registration and enrollment of students. Also, it provides 24x7 security and helpdesk for the ones facing any issues while admission.
  • 2. Online Attendance Management – The School ERP system helps you to maintain the attendance of each student and employees through biometric configuration.
  • 3. Fee Management – Parents won’t have to visit the school regularly to pay the fees of their children. Through the parent’s portal, they can easily pay and maintain the slip and report of the monthly fee system in the School ERP App or Software.
  • 4. Academic Management – The software provides a portal to each teacher and student. Through the online dashboard, the teachers can update their regular class schedule, events, activities and can assign classwork, homework, project, and assignment to the students which will directly be visible to the students too.
  • 5. Examination and Result Management – All the updates of examination notice and time table will be visible in the online dashboard. Nevertheless, the parents can even view the progress report and activities of their kids online by sitting back at home.
  • 6. Transport and GPS Service – Guardians or parents often have to wait long for their children to pick up from their stoppage. But now the parents can track the activity of the school buses in the school App or site through the GPS service available in the portal.
  • 7. Library Management – All the stocks of books can be maintained in the library section of the dashboard where you can update the issue and returns of books by the students or teachers.
  • 8. Bulk SMS and Email-Service – This tool is to build fast communication from the school’s end to the employees and parents through which they will be updated with the required notices.
  • 9. Mobile Application Development – Although the students, parents, teachers, staff, etc have required access to the dashboard. Intslate also provides mobile apps for easy access to information and to update the data or documents.

These are the primary services that you get by Intslate’s School Management Platform. Apart from these, it provides Google-Cloud Security which stays under the supervision of the admin. Through google-cloud security, you won’t have to worry about losing any data and information from the system. This stays eternal and away from the reach of any external party.

Nonetheless, the exclusive service of Intslate is that it provides an advanced tool of Student’s Performance Analytics through which you can track the progress record of each student. This displays the weak and strong subjects of the students which provide great help to the teachers as well as the students.

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