However, the main services including the above line are:

  • 1.Online Registration and Admission
  • 2. Student and Teachers Information System
  • 3. Fees Management
  • 4. Online Examination
  • 5. Online Result Management
  • 6. Library Management
  • 7. School Communication System ( Online display of circulars, notices, etc.)
  • 8. Academic Management of Homework, Classwork, and Assignments
  • 9. Administration Management
  • 10. School ERP App

Manage Your School On Your Finger Tips With The Android Application Of Intslate

With the android application system of Intslate, you will get a single app that can be used by all types of users from parents to teachers and that of students too! To login to the application, you will have to enter a single OTP that will be generated in your mobile device. This OTP system is implemented to avoid all types of fallacies from the external parties. Thus, ensures security services too

Different users will have access only to those portals that will be allotted by the admin. Like, each teacher can update the regular activities and events of their classroom on that application.

From attendance, to classwork,homework, assignment, and progress report of students, they can publish it all on the application itself with no hassle of paperwork. The assignments, class works, homework, projects, etc.

can be viewed by the students so that they can work accordingly when at home. The parents too can view the activities, result and daily schedule of school days by sitting back at home. They can also keep a regular track of the performance of their kid. With Intslate, they will get an additional benefit of tracking the transport vehicle of their kid through the GPS tracking zone that will be available in their Android Application of School. This will prevent them from waiting for hours on the bus stoppage for the arrival of their kid’s bus.

Being the Leading School Management Software in Ranchi, it not only shifts schools and colleges to the online portal to run the entire school system into the e-world but also makes sure that you meet no inconvenience at any cost. Thus, the android application system is offered so that the teachers, admins, parents, and students can update, remark , upload, and stay updated every time with the your school trend, events, and activities with any failure.

Switch to Smart School, Switch to Intslate !

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