Student Attendance Management Software by Intslate

The attendance management system of Intslate diminishes the workload of educational institutions. It converts them into a paperless campus by shifting them to the online dashboard. The student attendance management software of intslate formulates the attendance system of schools that includes no manpower, their time, and energy.

Through the Attendance Management System, the status of each student, teacher, and other employee can be updated automatically through any of these modules which schools would like to prefer.

  • 1. Biometric Attendance System
  • Through the Biometric Attendance System, the entry and departure of each student can be marked automatically once they enter and leave the school campus. The data of their attendance status will get updated in the school’s digital system along with time.

  • 2. RFID Attendance System
  • Radio Frequency Attendance System is the wireless system through which the students can mark their presence on the campus by just shaking their i-cards in the single device available for all in the school. This system requires no heavy connectivities. Thus, the attendance of each student who is present, late, or absent gets automatically generated in the school’s system along with the accurate time. The same is customized once they leave during the departure time.

  • 3. Manual Attendance System
  • Through the Manual Attenadnce System, the teachers can themselves update the attendance record of their classroom in the attendance software on an easy go that saves time. Thye can maintain the data in the online dashboard that they are allotted as per their class and section. Once they enter the attendance sheet of the students, the data spontaneously gets saved in that software. The bulk attendance of any students, any class, or any section can be viewed and generetae anytime and anywhere through a single click.

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