What is Transport Management System

Transport Management System is another module which is designed keeping in mind effective maintenance of transport management in the school.

  • A type of module which certainly ensures the parents about the safety of their children.
  • The admin gets an idea about how to implement resultant transport management.
  • Also, it makes it really easy for admin in assigning transport vehicle to the students, assigning vehicle to particular route and assigning driver to a particular vehicle.


  • It let you define varied routes and route points on that particular route.
  • It is integrated with Google Maps, making it convenient to define different route points on a particular route.
  • It will allow the user to assign a vehicle for a route, along with the driver.
  • Once, the vehicle and driver is assigned to the routes, you can also assign students to a particular vehicle, according to their resident area.
  • Multiple vehicle and driver’s details could be effortlessly maintained under the module.
  • This module is proven beneficial for all the main three entities of the school.

Mobile App for Everyone - Parents/Driver/Management

As the “Intslate – VTS” tracking system has a mobile application as well as a web interface, there are active notifications in both. In case a parent does not have access to a smartphone, he or she can get the notifications in the parent portal or SMS notification. There are a number of instances when parents will get notifications. These include

  • 10 minutes before the bus arrives at the designated stop
  • Once the child boards the school bus or if the child doesn’t board
  • In case the bus stops for an unusually long time at any point
  • When the bus crosses the speed limit
  • Once the child get off the school bus.
  • When the bus leaves school campus

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